That Last Of Us Part 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Karak reviews the Last of Us 2. This happy go lucky brunch simulator follows 3 characters on their trip through a futuristic utopia.
Last of Us 2 Your Review
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I am not one of those bigger gaming websites no 2-minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don’t discuss all the games, this is the right place. No big website 2-minute stuff here just a review for TLOU2

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25 thoughts on “That Last Of Us Part 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"”

  1. I think this game drags on a bit on at certain times, like the exploring Seattle with Dina was Witcher 3 all over again, "aren't you in a hurry?" But i get it, they're trying to familiarize the player with who Ellie is, and her relationship with Dina. And honestly, a lot of Ellie's storyline is just filler, and the bulk of the game is in the second half of the game (which might already make a sour impression on people)

    But the brilliance of this game is the fact that I got around to actually liking Abby's journey, despite fucking hating playing as her in the second part of the game (obviously because she did that thing at the start of the game).

    And I think that's the theme here, of love and forgiveness. Just like Ellie can try to forgive Joel or at least let go of her hatred for Abby, I as the player, also did. It's just brilliant. I think, while most people won't like how it ended, I think it's a fine ending to end Ellie's story, she's had enough.

    So I don't agree that this is a wait for sale, there's just no other game that have made me experience something like this. I do think the biggest issue with the game is mostly pacing, but damn, if this game isn't a one of a kind.


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  3. I normally find your reviews extremely accurate but I really disagree with a lot of points you made here. This game is certainly a must buy.

  4. I was hiding in a single bathroom, no way I could get out. Peeking out of the door a little, as a few enemies were investigating in front of it. All of a sudden, Dina decides to move, slamming the door. Lost a decent amount of ammo in that fight.
    Very nice that that can happen, also sucks for me.

  5. Neil Druckmann thought he was Christopher Nolan and his TLOU2 was Memento, Dark Knight, and Inception combined. Check your ego, Neil.

  6. I didn't like the game that much when it came to the story to be specific. but I'd give credit where credit is due. the AI problem only exist because of your difficulty settings set to the easiest and most accessible from the footage of this video. I think they made it that you're the only one mattered in these scenarios and made it easier so that you won't have to deal with your friends problems.
    I had the game on a higher difficulty and they spotted us a handful of times because they saw, Dina or Jesse were spotted and it had to break the stealth to a full chaotic gunfights.
    This option wasn't available in the first game as they couldn't spot your friends any in scenario as long as you weren't spotted but thankfully it's not in PART 2

  7. Even those who say they love the game are saying it will be a while before they play it again. I honestly believe you will be able to pick up a used copy for $15.00 within the next 18 months. Not a snowball's chance I'll pay $60.00 for this game.

  8. "my name is joel,probably the most wanted person in this country,so pls dont tell anyone about me ok abby?"
    "yes sir,no big deal,see ya"
    the end 10/10
    on a serious note,wait for HUGE sale because theres other AAA come out and there so many return/cheap used copy out there already anyway or not buy at all if u dont like it from review.

  9. I guess neil and the other writers didn't realize that listening to their fans is the most important thing in making a good game and they bit the gand that fed them and they bit really hard and now they're suffering the consequences

  10. Eh, I never felt I had filler buuuuut it is an exhausting game, and it is more engaging than fun. I think replaying the game after you come to terms with how emotionally heavy it can be makes it much more enjoyable, in the straightforward conventional sense.

  11. So I finished it and will say that it is a buy for me. Granted, did technically get it at a discount. That, however, did not stop me from enjoying this game. Yes, it still suffers from an AI companion that doesn’t do its job properly. Yes, there are parts of the story that needed more fleshing out and others that didn’t. Overall, it was still engaging and it did not drag for me to a pony of annoyance for me. It staged to a point where I started to question the motivations of these characters. To wish for a better way out for both Abby and Ellie. To question the whole journey for me was worth it because I also chose to clean house every step of the way.

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